Thursday, October 22, 2009

Coram Deo

In the presence of God

Below are the liner notes to the album Coram Deo
(1 & 2) by Douglas Kaine-
I always loved this music..but maybe some of you remember this to?

God is the God of all creation.
There is no corner of life that His light does not fall upon.
Indeed, nothing good exists in our lives
That His light does not permeate and sustain,
And nothing bad that His light ever fails to Illuminate.
The eyes of God are ever upon us,
But His eyes upon us are not an impostition.

They are, rather, an invitation.
They are a call to a relationship of divine love and freedom.
Freedom not to do as we please,

Seeking to wrest control from God,
But freedom to live joyfully

In the understanding of God's love and sacrifice for us,
Of His intimate concern for us,
And of the glorious union with Himself

He has one day promised us.
To live life Coram Deo

We must begin at the point Of understanding

That we are not fearful slaves following strict orders,
But sons and daughters

Who joyfully and creatively walk through each moment
Of each day under the loving gaze of a Father
Who receives the totality of our existence

As an act of worship unto Himself.


Regina said...

Awesome photos.
Have a wonderful weekend dear one.

Pacey said...

Ah look at that moss covered trunk..wonderfully green.

James said...

That top picture amazes me. It's awesome and very unique.

Bonnie Bonsai said...

I love the lyrics of the song and the magnificent pictures of green moss. I compare humans to the moss. For our survival, we depend on the food God provided us that helps sustain our lives. So is the moss that is dependent of its survival by clinging to the trunk of the tree.

Flat Creek Farm said...

Just beautiful. I will have to check the album out also. Thank you for sharing! -Tammy

Unseen Rajasthan said...

Beautiful,lovely and fantastic shots !! I loved the words too !! Thanks for sharing..Unseen Rajasthan

Kilauea Poetry said...

Thanks to all of you for stopping by for the read and photos-

Rebecca said...

Very nice and the photo is pretty cool too.

Kilauea Poetry said...

Hey thank you Rebecca!

Let's be perfectly clear- the war on free speech is spiritual!