Saturday, August 15, 2009

Loneliness Or Solitude?

Gave up its bed
In a room
No one occupied
When I began
To reminisce..
Familiar sound
Was just my breath

Yet another voice
In solitude
Gently as a zephyr
Like particles of dust
So scattered
Found there rest

But just why
It took this length
I've pondered..
I won't spurn it-


The Write Girl said...

I love your words in this piece...and I love the shading in the photos. What kind of style is that? I'm not a photography buff : )

Regina said...

Wow! so great and moving.
Love the photos.
Have a nice week my friend.

Kilauea Poetry said...

Hey thanks to you guys..that was me chasing shadows in sepia setting.
According to Wikipedia, which I didn't know.."Sepia is a dark brown-grey named and derived from the ink sac of the common cuttlefish"(cool) Anyway, it's that tone you see used in photgraphy and art.

Titania said...

Lonesome; alone; loneliness each word on its own to ponder and think about; great poetry again. The Sepia shots are wonderful like the old daguerreotype photography. It suits your poetry.

Denise said...

These photos are just beautiful, and the poetry is always an awesome read. I'm going to try and get around here more often as I miss visiting you too. I try to visit everyone who comes to my blog but I get so behind sometimes. My strange pop-ups have disappeared. It was another blogger I had to take off my blog-roll and I am hoping that in the next day or so I will be able to add her back to my list. A while back now my computer crashed due to a virus and I was a little bit skittish when this latest warning cropped up, even though I have a pretty good and popular anti-virus program that I swear by. Just one of the chances we take getting on the Internet I guess.

Kilauea Poetry said...

Thanks for your cheery words glad you stopped by as always!
Denise..I'm relieved it didn't have anything to do with me. Sometimes I don't respond here but make it a point to do so visiting -BUT, I really want to say how much I appreciate all your feedback- it's been so encouraging!
I had the virus thing happen maybe a month ago or so? We had to check for bugs and run a scan ect.. Anyway,it made a big difference too.
Well have a great evening over there- thanks again to all-

The Muse said...

Being alone is not the same as loneliness...i think you have brought that to light with the words of a true poet.

Kilauea Poetry said...

Oh, much thanks!

sojourner said...

i like the way you put these two experiences together with the thought they may be the same - depending upon how we choose to experience them

Kilauea Poetry said...

Hey there Sojourner..ya, I think loneliness is a reality I don't make light for anyone..but I think when you go down in that (engulfed so to speak) there is a comfort promised if we don't succumb to dispair I guess. Thank you for this read-

Denise said...

Thank you for responding to my comment and saying those sweet things. I know that at some point or another we have all had some kind of problem but the joys of visiting blogs such as yours would never prevent me from visiting. If I had no computer at all I would be down at the library or somewhere so that I could keep in touch. It just takes me a while to keep up with my favorite blogs at times and yours is one of them, most definitely a real favorite. Have a great weekend my friend.

Kilauea Poetry said...

Wow..thanks! (I've got a big smile on my face right now) ha..

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