Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Convents & Towering Blackboards

I've opened up a monthly writing challenge capturing any event that takes you back to a brief period of time in your past beginning on the first Wednesday of every month (rather than a weekly challenge) here at (A Window Through Wednesday)- If you'd rather capture a special time using poetry- by all means do so- you can always post a link whenever you feel inspired.

Though this particular window happens to focus more on the Spiritual, it isn't my intention to limit it to this by any means. I don't want you to feel pressure and my objective isn't to critique but to learn something from one another's shared experiences.

Convents & Towering Blackboards

Was my spiritual awareness really opened for the first time during a typical morning drive? It would be one of many I'd take with my mom and siblings while passing the convent on my way to what would be a brief time spent at St. John’s elementary school in Southern California. I remember vividly, thinking in my young mind (that of a first and second grader)-what it must be like to know...


Regina said...

Hi. Is that you on the photo? So cute.
This is a nice mid week challenge. Hard to me:. (I will just try next time)
I was quite religious too when I was young.
To the point that I thought of how to be a nun, LOL. Yes I agree with you it gave us discipline and pointed us what sacrifices mean. Oh the past.

The Lord in His saving grace brought us to where we are right now. Walking in Jesus.
A blessed day to you my friend.

Kilauea Poetry said...

Hey, thanks for this read..I wonder if you would of made a good nun! ha..but ya..and to you too-

Linda said...

I know what you mean - these sudden moments of awareness in childhood do stay with us - they can be very brief, but they make a lasting impression.

Kilauea Poetry said...

Thanks Linda..I'm writing another but I'm trying to keep it brief. Hmm? Maybe I'll make it a monthly window! Thanks for the visit and this read-

sojourner said...

The windows are a good illustration for the beginning of your new challenge activity. Your experience begins with a quest for knowing the unknown - i think that is what moves us in our development rather spiritually or otherwise. The interesting thing about exploring our past is how small moments like you described become knitted together to form the person we are at any given place in time. The bird on the window looks like it is getting ready to fly off in a new direction or journey.

Kilauea Poetry said...

Yvette..thanks for your wonderful thoughts- My husband caught that bird shot in an old abondoned cabin up in the mountains (the day we saw the horses)

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