Friday, July 31, 2009

Fifth Avenue

Just look at this picture..

For sheer amusment-

Can you see my dog here?.. Well then click it!
She has the most beautiful Shepherd Chow mix you've ever seen and you ought to see her fluffy fluffy chow chow tail!. Still, just looking at her you wouldn't want to ...perhaps you'd avoid thinking of all the things a dog happens to enjoy...besides you! But if they ever made a perfume especially for dogs...I bet she'd offer a few of her own suggestions, including the inspiration behind it!
Have you ever said "Do you smell something...What's that?...oh no"!
Come on, don't act like you've never been through this (if your a dog lover)..

Now I want to hear what your Fee Fee would call her perfume or his Cologne? ..cause you ought to know every little nuance! (your being coaxed) I'll even go first..mine is-
"Fifth Avenue "

I'll have to admit, she is our first indoor dog but (outdoor as well) and for some reason, this type of thing occurs less I deflating my own blog? brother-in- law's dog managed to fit into our pig pen not too long ago and he was able to drag an aged piece of fish out..funny how they both reeked of it? So, are we on?


B SQUARED said...

The name of my dogs' cologne would have to be, "Dead On." If you are a dog lover, you will know why.

Unseen Rajasthan said...

Beautiful shots..I loved them completely..Thanks for sharing..Unseen Rajasthan

Sandy Kessler said...

Fine pictures a handsome dog indeed..sandy

The Write Girl said...

Hey Regina,

I was slightly confused by the title "5th Ave" but I love Little Miss Riding're dog is so sweet and cute : )

Ebie said...

I saw your doggie! Thanks for the comments on my kitty. Twylah was a runaway, abused and we adopted her 3 months ago. And my first pet. No info whatsover, we learn one day at a time.

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