Monday, March 30, 2009

We Want Peace

Here suspended
Hope appears to circle around
Reaching out,
Nearly within my grasp
Shapes could change
Bouncing off someone's wall

We want peace
Just can't agree on the way
Unity's costly
Calculating a delivery
Suspicion left me in an alley
Not everyone's right
But something's wrong

It's worth it to keep loving
Could see my dirty nails
Holding up the light
It's a loophole for sure

When hope circles around
We could reach out
Unity's costly..
But it's within our grasp


Regina said...

Nice poem and a beautiful site!

Destinee said...

"suspicion left me in an alley" was my favorite line. lovely poem.

Regina Marie said...

Another Regina..Thanks to you both for the visit-

The Write Girl said...

Beautiful poem Regina. I too love the line
"Suspicion left me in an alley." There is a wonderful message in this piece.

Titania said...

Regina Marie, You have written a profound poem about peace. You have used wonderful words with a deep longing and hope. We all want peace, in our own home, with our neighbours etc. Many people want peace in the world.
Which has never happened as long as mankind has been. Sometimes I think Peace in the world is Utopia like the stars millions of light years away. We never seem to reach this goal. There are always agitators for whatever reason to destroy, kill and bring awful hardship to the people involved.

Regina Marie said...

The Write Girl..thanks, love your valuable input-
Titania, so glad you stopped by for the read and that you enjoyed it-

Let's be perfectly clear- the war on free speech is spiritual!