Monday, March 9, 2009

The Fork & The Measuring Rod

While I'm here
But you know we're there..
It's the present
Still it's the past
Take a picture
Fast foreword the video
Listen to an audio

We look out of our window
Life's in frames
We don't carry
A measuring rod,
Not near enough
To a weather vane
They're only gages, really..

Like some kind of chess board
Moving over lines, we once
Could hide behind
Turning into one road
From the other
We declined

When you've missed the fork
From the future you can see-
You lost time
When the present finds us
Out of line-
But the drama's
Merely trauma
When your past's
Just been defined-


SandyCarlson said...

The drama can be trauma when we come to know a truth (the truth?) of our past.

Jeeves said...

Past just defined. so well said.

Tumblewords: said...

I agree with Jeeves. The final two lines are very well said. Nice poem!

Sue said...

I particularly like the lines:
"Moving over lines, we once/
Could hide behind/Turning into one road/
From the other/We declined"

Your poem does a nice job of bringing out the feeling of movement, and how our minds are independent of the time line that captures our bodies!

Amias said...

Sue said it better than I could, as this was a good poem on movement ... past to present to future ... yet I could still see the forks in the road. I truly enjoyed this!

The Write Girl said...

Hey Regina,

Beautiful poem capturing time while it is happening. Both past and present. I love the picture accompanied with your poem as well.

Sij said...

Nice work...does a good job of bringing the feeling of inevitability when the choices have been made.

Jim said...

Ah, what could have been. Don't we all sit here, some having worse trauma than others?

We should question whether our blessings are outweighing the trauma or not. My engineering and business background would call this measuring our lives by using cost-benefit analysis (a technique for evaluating quantitatively whether to follow a course of action) in retrospect to make future decisions.

I love every part of your poem, every verse, and every word. My favorite would be the weather vane being just a measuring device. If you would, may I please put a propeller coupled to a speed-indicating device on it?

Regina Marie said...

Wow..these are some encouraging thoughtful comments..I appreciate them all- Jim, your funny- thanks-

The Write Girl said...

Hey Regina,

Thanks for the link to sky watch friday. I will check it out. Look forward to reading another beautiful post from you.

Take care

Abe said...

I enjoyed your work. It reminded me why I am no longer able to fly. I remember I used to be able to just step up and fly away.

Patti said...

I tried to leave a comment yesterday and couldn't -sorry. Anyway- I love the poem..."fast forward...rewind...prestent, past" love it!

Beth P. said...

I really like this--complex look at how our future and past are connected by choices. Thanks for this--and the photo!

And I especially like Choo chee on your bed. That always cracks me up!!

Eaton Bennett said...

gina, this poem is beautiful, full of truths that mean much to me too. I'm glad I got to read this. Regards, Eaton. :)

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