Friday, August 30, 2013

Unless Home Life Is Worse Than The School System?

Church of the Poodle-
 "Why does the moral and spiritual decay of the church matter to a counter-jihadist? This is a civilizational war and our spiritual flank is unprotected. Instead of the church being a guard dog, it is a poodle...Back in the past the church was the foundation of the nation and a guardian of our society. But now the church won't even bark at an enemy-foreign or domestic. All the church wants is a scratch behind the ears by the intruder. (In fairness, only 95% of the churches are being condemned here.) To be complete, the synagogues are a swamp of ignorance and cowardliness, as well." Bill Warner

To be fair, I believe there are many..many who are informed but could possibly feel paralyzed. I'm not going to go on an speculate..I've done enough.
I'll give you a tip of my own though. Having been raised by a very vocal liberal father (yet both parents were Catholic)- education was the drum beat- Translated meant relying on the professionals..the scholars. So I had to wade through a lot..a lot!
1. Christian's are supposed to have a clear vision..aren't they?
2. They're supposed to warn others (especially their fellow brethren) of danger. Guess I'm addressing Christian's?
3. Ideally, they ultimately learn to rely on God for guidance.
OK, who is under attack in this country? I'll help you out.
Two white children were pictured in association with the article below on Drudge Hmm, is that so?
So you'll just have to close your eyes for a moment and imagine all the black, Latino..and every other race  getting screwed here too. Since LGBT is now special..Obama (leader of the progressives) very goal is to trump- (not be something they believe is OK and you choose to believe and teach is not OK) sir, they don't want you to have that freedom- period.

It's no different than them walking into your damn living room and taking your child by the hand, saying "Pardon me, I want to molest your child mentally for right back~ wink wink?
(Oh, they should be wearing a little sheep coat with the words racist on it)

 I will cut this short by saying parents have to take a stand. You can do it even if the job isn't perfect. Forget about lofty ideas of college..other wise you should also think of  the
muslim student association
. Op-Ed: Islam Buys Out Western Academia 
This was in 2011, so there is definitely been an update!

1.Yank your kids out of gov. schools...get them away!
That's a start! Figure out a plan and don't worry like I did. I fretted far too much about what other people thought. Even if it's not perfect, it should be better..unless your home life is worse than the school system?

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